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Hello Writers All,

Consider this your personal invitation to participate in a series of live webinars with the newly formed Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators (eiACE). This is a non-profit organization, committed to elevating the art and craft of storytelling by bringing together the most highly-regarded, leading professionals in the field. They’ve designed this series of “TED”-style talks in a way which enables participants to Power Up their experience in the entertainment industry.

Hosted live at the Relativity School Studio in Los Angeles, each of the up-coming webinars will feature a group of our top industry educators. Choose one, choose all, for only $39 each using coupon code EIACEORG!

Not able to view the live webinar at its scheduled time? Don’t worry – the webinar recording will be available for you to stream at your convenience following the event.

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All Very Best Wishes,

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  1. The most successful screenwriters, and people in general, make it a point to learn new things. Investing on the best scriptwriting tips from the best in the industry is a great opportunity for aspiring script writers and even seasoned ones. And Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators (eiACE) is a great resource where you can learn not just from one but a community of writing industry leaders.

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