Love is in the air. Here are several screenwriting tips to help you create some romance in your screenplay.
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Your Romantic Screenplay Starts Here.

Hello Writers All,

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and while love is in the air, you may be thinking about creating some romance in your screenplay, too.

It’s interesting that in many of the screenplays I read by newcomers, there’s very little romance, and few romantic relationships to be found.

That’s a shame!  

Including a LOVE INTEREST character for your protagonist, in any story, is one of the strongest subplots you can offer.  So strong, in fact that you may find it becoming the main storyline!

Just don’t forget, as my good friend Michael Hauge says, when two characters meet and see the possibility of romance in each other’s eyes, it’s because they recognize immediately that they are “meeting on the level of essence”.  

Michael is saying that what sets potential lovers apart from other characters in a story is that they recognize a truth in each other about who they REALLY are underneath their worldly masks, and so they feel that special spark of excitement about the future.  Check out Michael Hauge’s blog here.

Some of the most famous movie scenes of all time are created from the emotional power of two people connecting in this way.

If you’re searching for another Jerry Maguire ‘you had me at hello’ moment for your script, there is a section in my book, The Story Solution, which covers character dynamics and goes into the creation of a LOVE INTEREST character that really works.

Whether you’re new to the screenwriting game or a professional looking to add strings to your bow, my book gives you the tools to craft a compelling, passionate journey in your storytelling.  The Story Solution can be a useful weapon in your scriptwriting arsenal.

Wishing everyone love and gratitude on this Valentine’s Day!


p.s. Be sure to visit my website at to download complimentary film structure breakdowns for Back to the FutureBridesmaids, and Finding Nemo. 

About The Story Solution
Eric Edson’s The Story Solution provides concrete insights for those interested in writing a screenplay. Regarded as one of the best books on screenwritingThe Story Solution is currently #1 in its category on China Amazon. Visit the website at to download a complimentary book chapter and to see video clips of Eric being interviewed by FILM COURAGE, and subscribe to Eric’s podcast. “Like” the Facebook page to receive tips on writing a movie script and scriptwriting.

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One Comment

  1. Alina Snow says:

    You’re a remarkable teacher/guide on what it means to write with pride and be fearless, kicking aside the idea of perfection. The advice you provide was like a knock-knock-knock on my forehead, shaking up the neurons. I listened to your YouTube sanding wood and had to find out who the heck you are. This writer Sherpa opening eyes.

    Anyway long story getting longer, I bought The Story Solution. Of course, this stalking is my creepy bonus to you. Just joking.

    Writers and teachers need feedback.
    Five stars+

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