Eric Edson Provides Screenwriting Tips On Film Courage
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Eric Edson Provides Screenwriting Tips On Film Courage

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – August 2nd, 2017, Los Angeles, CA: Eric Edson, author of the highly-acclaimed THE STORY SOLUTION: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take, has completed a series of video interviews with the YouTube channel Film Courage that offer screenwriting tips for the online screenwriting community, Film Courage.

In these interviews Eric provides aspiring screenplay writers some insights, inspiration and direction to help them develop screen stories that will wow audiences. Topics in this screenwriting video series include:

“It was fun to be able to offer some thoughts and share a few experiences with the talented writing community who follows this remarkable YouTube channel, Film Courage.  My sincere thanks to Karen Worden and David Branin, whose passion for film and TV – along with a great deal of hard work – created this awesome channel Film Courage, ” commented Edson.

“There are many things a screenplay writer needs to learn, and Film Courage is the perfect place to start. My book also shows writers how to use the Hero Goal Sequences plotting paradigm to create a dynamic story and characters that an audience will identify with.”

Film Courage is a place where movie business professionals share their insights. The online community provides video interviews, audio podcasts and articles about filmmaking, screenwriting, and acting. Its video interviews have been featured on No Film School, Filmmaker IQ, Filmmaker Magazine, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Deadline Hollywood, The Wrap, Entertainment Weekly, CNN India, Vulture, Dread Central, MSN Movies, Sport Balla, Vlad TV, and Indiewire.

About The Story SolutionEric Edson’s The Story Solution provides concrete insights for those interested in writing a screenplay. Regarded as one of the best books on screenwritingThe Story Solution is currently #1 in its category on China Amazon. Visit the website at to download a complimentary book chapter and to see video and hear audio clips about creating characters. “Like” the Facebook page to receive tips on writing a movie script and scriptwriting.

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