Will Smith talks Story with Michael Hauge, and Laura Leigh Clarke
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Will Smith talks Story with Michael Hauge, and Laura Leigh Clarke

“The First Ever ONLINE Screenwriting and Storytelling Conference, JUNE 15 – 24”

Hi, Eric Edson here.

Wanted to let you in on something very special…

My dear friend MICHAEL HAUGE just interviewed his longtime client WILL SMITH about Will’s insights into STORY.  Our producer for the upcoming (VIRTUALLY) EVERYTHING STORY event, the amazing Laura Leigh Clarke, joined Will and Michael for a three-way chat.

Here is a rare and insightful interview… one that offers tips on screenwriting from one of the most important filmmaking personalities in the world – Will Smith.

Will lays out for us the most CRITICALLY IMPORTANT STORYTELLING CONCEPTS major filmmakers and producers look for in screenplays and novels.

Thought you might want to take a look.

Here’s the link:

Will Smith talks Story with Michael Hauge, and Laura Leigh Clarke

During the interview Will talked about the powerful starting point he uses which becomes the north star in the creation of any movie:

The Universally Relatable Emotion.

He gives the example of I Am Legend where the emotion is being ALONE. He talks about how this guided the script, and everything else through to the tag line:

The last man on Earth… Is not alone.

Powerful stuff.

And have you checked out the (VIRTUALLY) EVERYTHING STORY conference schedule yet?  This one-of-a-kind Online Conference runs June 15 – 24!

They’re will be presentations and seminars with yours truly, Eric Edson, and Michael Hauge, John Truby, Jen Grisanti, Chris Vogler, Pamela Jaye Smith, along with some 25 other top speakers and producers in film, television, publishing, gamIng and more, as well as many free bonus extras.

There has never been an online “virtual” ten-day conference on Storytelling event like this before.

As in Never.

If you’re a storyteller who wants to grow, then you are going to LOVE this line-up of teachers and experts.

Find out more details about this ground-breaking story conference here.

In this interview you will learn from Will Smith:

  • Why identifying the SINGLE RELATABLE EMOTION in a screenplay is essential to a film’s success.
  • The FOUR PRIMARY QUESTIONS that he asks about the hero of every story.
  • How to create POWERFULLY EMOTIONAL MOMENTS where everything collides for a hero or heroine.
  • The key tools for creating TRANFORMATION in a character – and in the audience.
  • His BEST ADVICE FOR WRITERS AND STORYTELLERS for enduring and overcoming the challenges of being a working artist.

To SEE THE ENTIRE VIDEO of Michael Hauge and Laura Leigh Clarke’s amazing interview with WIll Smith, just CLICK HERE.

Eric Edson

P.S. Doors close early this week, so check out the rest of the presentations and workshops we’ve got lined up for you. One ticket gets you access to everything, and the recordings, in case you can’t attend everything live.

Register for this ground-breaking story conference.

About The Story Solution: 
 The Story Solution, by screenwriter and tenured university professor Eric Edson, is an in-depth handbook for authors who are writing a movie script. It reveals the 23 actions screenplay writers should use to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes.

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  1. Great discussions. This video is a great addition to any aspiring screenwriter’s collection of scriptwriting resources. There’s a lot of things to learn, most notably – the critically important storytelling concepts laid out by Will.

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