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Eric Edson Announces July Log Line Challenge Winner

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 5th, 2014 – Eric Edson, author of the scriptwriting book The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take, announced the winner of the July Log Line Challenge today.  

Every month, scriptwriters have an opportunity to win a signed copy of The Story Solution by entering the Log Line Challenge on the Fan Page located at   

Last month’s Log Line Challenge asked participants to submit a one or two sentence story premise using the following elements: an escaped convict, a tour guide and a cruise ship.  Participants were  judged on the following story elements;  High Stakes, Entertainment Value, Strong Hero, Strong Conflict, Strong Adversary, and an ability to help a reader visualize the conflict line.   

This month’s winner is Cheryl Hicks:  

“Tour guide Joanna Brill must form an uneasy alliance with notorious escaped convict Brock Dalton when the cruise ship they are traveling on gains sentience… and is now determined to kill all passengers on board. Can this unlikely duo stop the possessed ship before it takes them on a trip into Hell?”

Winner: Cheryl Hicks
Runner Ups: Steven Hale, Denise Johnson
Honorable Mentions: Soraia De Sant’Anna, Glenn David Magas, Cara Russell, Herbert Goss,

“All contests have to have a winner, and we selected Cheryl Hick’s log line for its strong story sense and unique twist of events. I was delighted to see so much creativity and story potential in the submissions we received this month,” said Eric Edson.

About The Story Solution: The Story Solution was written by accomplished screenwriter Eric Edson. It reveals the 23 actions used to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes and link all parts of a captivating screenplay. He also covers screenwriting tipsscreenwriting resources, and screenwriting booksVisit the website and Facebook page or call (818) 677-3192 for more information.

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