Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators (eiACE). 

Power Up Your Premise, Power Up Your Story, Power Up Your Career.

Hello Writers All, Consider this your personal invitation to participate in a series of live webinars with the newly formed Entertainment Industry Association of Consultants and Educators (eiACE). This is a non-profit organization, committed to elevating the art and craft of storytelling by bringing together the most highly-regarded, leading professionals in the field. They’ve designed this series…

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Eric Edson’s Screenwriting Book Now Available in Chinese


What Is A Typical Career For A Working Screenwriter In Hollywood? by Professor Eric Edson FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 03, 2017, Los Angeles:  Eric Edson, author of The Story Solution, a how-to book on screenwriting and storytelling, was recently interviewed by Film Courage. In his recent interview with Film Courage, Professor Eric Edson recalls…

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