FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eric Edson Highlights 5 Romantic Comedy Screenwriters

For Immediate Release: Eric Edson Recommends 5 Screenplay Contests

Los Angeles, CA February 28, 2013 – Eric Edson, author of The Story Solution, released a review of screenwriting / screenplay contests on his story writing blog.  The review highlights various benefits, locations, costs and summarizes the value of each contest for budding screenwriters. Several aspects of the contests were considered, including the judging panel, the rewards and…

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Eric Edson Recommends 5 Screenplay Contests

Screenplay contests are everywhere it seems these days.  Which screenplay contests are the best ones to enter? Participating in screenwriting contests is absolutely essential for writers who want to grow their scriptwriting careers in 2013.  Screenwriting contests not only provide much needed exposure, but winning a contest guarantees immediate production deal consideration, contacts with agencies and…

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