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How To Cure Writer’s Block

Dear Friends, Last year, I had the honor of speaking at STORY EXPO 2013, one of the best screenwriting events of the year in Los Angeles, CA. It was a pleasure to make so many new connections and new friends.  I presented four seminars on two topics; “Cracking Screen Story Structure” and “14 Character Categories…

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eric Edson Highlights 5 Romantic Comedy Screenwriters

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Eric Edson Recommends Three Valuable Screenwriting Websites Online

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2013 – Screenwriting is a meticulous craft involving the use of all five senses to create compelling stories on the big screen. To hone their scriptwriting skills, existing and aspiring writers make the most of online educational resources. Many writers are simply unaware of the valuable writing resources available on the…

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Eric Edson Highlights 3 Valuable Screenwriting Software Packages

“…Are you leveraging the immense power of screenwriting software?” In recent years, significant advancements in screenwriting software technology have enabled screenwriters all over the world to reach higher levels of productivity.  Screenwriting software, in many respects, has set the standard for the industry by providing many shortcuts and formatting advantages for screenwriters at all levels. …

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Screenwriting Resources

Eric Edson’s 5 Favorite Online Screenplay Libraries

“When deadlines are looming, these screenwriting tips and resources can make all the difference.” Through his personal experience, Eric Edson believes having access to an extensive library of screenwriting resources is critical to the creative process.  When deadlines are looming these resources can make all the difference.  In this post, we will discuss Eric Edson’s five favorite online screenplay…

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