FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Los Angeles, CA, March 19, 2013 – Screenwriting is a meticulous craft involving the use of all five senses to create compelling stories on the big screen. To hone their scriptwriting skills, existing and aspiring writers make the most of online educational resources. Many writers are simply unaware of the valuable writing resources available on the web.

Screenwriting – like any art – is a learning process that enriches writers and allows them to churn out better scripts over time. With this in mind, Eric Edson and his team of screenwriters scoured the web this month to identify three valuable websites that help writers with their screenwriting aspirations in a real and meaningful way.

MovieBytes – A Directory of Screenwriting Contests: MovieBytes has an extensive database of contests, film producers and literary agencies.  With over 21,000 registered users, it is an excellent platform for screenwriters to access news about the latest contests. Interested individuals can call in, write to the website, or visit the Facebook page.

InkTip – Screenwriting Submissions and Scriptwriting Resources: Since 2000, InkTip has become a sought-after online destination for screenwriters seeking to sell their scripts, get hired, get represented or get their scripts reviewed. The site was born out of the need to link talented screenwriters with producers and agents. So far, over 140 scripts submitted through InkTip have been made into movies. Learn about different screenwriting books, get useful screenwriting tips, and well-rated screenwriter courses and workshops. For more information, interested individuals can contact the InkTip team via website or visit their Facebook page.

Script Pipeline – A Platform to Sell a Screenplay:  Aspiring screenplay writers hoping to make it big in Hollywood have been feverishly pitching their scripts to Script Pipeline, which has been in existence for the past 12 years. This site offers a platform where budding writers and influential executives converge. Script Pipeline devotes an entire category to its sponsored scriptwriting contests, complete with success stories of recent competition winners and testimonials from contest participants.  Interested writers can contact the website or visit their Facebook page. 

About the author:  Eric Edson is the author of the widely acclaimed book on scriptwriting – The Story Solution. He is currently Professor of Screenwriting and Director of the Graduate Program in Screenwriting at California State University at Northridge and has been a member of the Writers Guild of America since 1981. With over 17 feature screenplays under his belt, Eric is committed to helping other writers break into the industry.  






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  • Elle

    It is truly great to know that the talents of amateur writers can be recognized through this Screenwriting Websites Online. Thanks Eric Edson for sharing this kind of useful information.

  • Liv Kutcher

    Great screenwriting blog!

    “Many writers are simply unaware of the valuable writing resources available on the web.” One among the many aspiring screenwriters, I am nearly finished my learning program, and these screenwriting resources are truly valuable. Thanks for this, I now have a good idea on how I can start growing my work’s exposure to hopefully land me some really good deals.

  • April

    Thank you for this great and reliable resource on screenwriting! Personally, I am truly interested with Ink-Tip screenwriting website for it provides an efficient avenue for writers to submit, release, and advertise their screenwriting outputs in the mainstream media.

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