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5 Actions Screenwriters Can Take To Get A Jump Start On The New Year

I wish all of our loyal fans a Happy Holiday Season, and hope that you find great inspiration for developing an exciting screenplay in 2014. A career in screenwriting can be a difficult path to take. Some screenwriters have ideas that just pop out of their heads, but have trouble honing them into a workable script. Others manage the finer points of scriptwriting, but can’t find the spark that makes their characters come to life. Bringing all of these writing skills together can be a challenge, but there are some steps you can take to give yourself the edge. Here are my five suggestions for actions you can take now that will help build your skills and get you started on the path to bringing your screenplay to life in 2014:

  1. Be Observant: Some of the greatest characters on screen seem so realistic because of some unique personality quirk or heroic trait the screenwriter has given them. As you go about your daily life, be observant of the people around you, take note of their personality traits, and write down those characteristics which you think could help you develop the story line in your screenplay.
  2. Learn The Basics: Since very few of us are born with the art of screenwriting inside our brain most of us need a little help to nurture our skills and build our creativity. Be aware of opportunities to build your skills, like those available through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program. They offer online and onsite writing courses, master classes, screenwriting resources, and a Writers Studio.
  3. Learn The Industry: Learn from those who have already achieved success in the industry you hope to pursue. There are TV writing consultants, screenplay consultants, and romantic comedy screenwriters who can all serve as a source of knowledge.
  4. Use Your Resources: Many websites offer a list of screenwriting resources you can use to find additional information.
  5. Read More: My book, The Story Solution: 23 Actions All Great Heroes Must Take, provides many insights aspiring screenwriters can use to hone their craft. I’ve provided the tools necessary for any writer to construct a forceful emotional ride in his or her storytelling.

As my holiday gift to you, download a chapter from my book, The Story Solution, so you can learn more about the HERO GOAL SEQUENCES that make compelling characters come to life. While at my website, also be sure to sign up for my newsletter which provides tips, resources, insider info, and news you can use.

Happy Holidays and here’s to your writing success in 2014!


Eric Edson

About The Story Solution:  The Story Solution was written by accomplished screenwriter Eric Edson. It reveals the 23 actions used to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes and link all parts of a captivating screenplay. Eric covers screenwriting tips, screenwriting resources, and screenwriting books. Visit the website and Facebook page.

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