FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Los Angeles, CA – April 17th, 2014.  Eric Edson recently contributed as a writer on the “NOW WRITE!:  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror” book series, edited by Laurie Lamson. The “NOW WRITE!” books have been heralded as an invaluable resource for accomplished and aspiring screenwriters and novelists seeking to write a screenplay.  The book is currently #1 in the Science Fiction writing category on Amazon.

This latest in the “NOW WRITE!” series comes packed with valuable tips from acclaimed screenwriters of such films as THE TWILIGHT ZONE and STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, plus many more, including winners of the Nebula, Hugo, Edgar, and Bram Stoker awards.  It is considered to be an essential handbook for speculative fiction writers looking to create fresh and memorable plot lines and characters. 

Readers can find practical out of the box writing exercises to tap into a treasure trove of new ideas.  One such exercise includes garnering elements from random pictures or postcards, and co-weaving these into the particulars of your chosen genre.  Other exercises include brainstorming with writers from different styles and mediums to cross pollinate ideas and provide feedback.  Still more sections feature specific ways to bring rich and accessible emotional life to your fantastical characters.

Chapter titles include “Building Worlds Without Boring Your Readers”,  “Catching Up with the Future”, and “Creating Convincing Communication Between Humans and Supernatural Creatures”. Eric Edson’s own article on  “How We Feel a Story” can be found under the category Memorable Heroes Villains and Monsters.  Edson is thrilled to be part of this work as an adjunct to his original work “The Story Solution,” considered to be one of the best screenwriting books available to writers looking to dramatically improve the impact and originality of their works.

ABOUT: Eric Edson is an accomplished screenplay writer with seventeen feature works written for such companies as Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, 20th Fox, ABC Motion Pictures, Lifetime, Showtime, NBC, and TNT.  He also has several other works under his belt he created for episodic television.  With several graduate degrees in Screenwriting behind him, Eric is a professor of Screenwriting at CSU Northridge, lectures through the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program, which is the largest screenwriter training center in the world, and has been a member of The Writers Guild of America since 1981.  His best-selling work on writing a screenplay, The Story Solution, gives 23 actions that the most successful screenwriters take to create dynamic and captivating movie characters and plot lines.  More information can be found at, or by following his Facebook page.

ABOUT: “NOW WRITE!” Series of Screenwriting Handbooks is a standout guide that incorporates the techniques of many different screenwriters of all different styles and genres.  Each book in the series reveals practical exercises, inspiration and guidance garnered from some of the most acclaimed screenwriters in the industry responsible for such hits as RAGING BULL, TERMINATOR 2, GROUNDHOG DAY, Lost, True Blood, and many other hit films and television shows.  It is considered a must read for writers, teachers, and film enthusiasts alike.  To find out more, visit their website, view the book on Amazon, or visit the Facebook page.

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  • “NOW WRITE!” Series of Screenwriting Handbooks is a great addition to any screenwriter’s collection of writing tips and resources. These books feature many different proven techniques that brought some of the best screenplay writers of the industry to where they are now. The handbook is ideal for speculative fiction writers wanting to create fresh, believable, and unforgettable plots and characters.

  • “Readers can find practical out of the box writing exercises to tap into a treasure trove of new ideas.” This is exciting! As a writer, what comes out from your work is a reflection of motivation and inspiration. For many years, and I’m sure many other aspiring screenwriters can relate with me, I’ve been finding it hard to get the ball rolling. Recently I’ve discovered that writing exercises not only polishes what I know as a writer but can also be used a as a tool to alight that ball of inspiration in me, and keep me going. So when I am not motivated to write but need to get something finished, I try to look for writing exercises.

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