Screenwriting Software Company Final Draft Celebrates 25 Years

Final Draft Writing Software Celebrates 25 Years of Extraordinary Service

The art of writing a screenplay can be challenging.  The aspiring screenplay writer must overcome the stress of staring at a blank screen while waiting for ideas to strike, then grapple with characters, storylines, and dialogue to create a script that will hopefully catch the attention of Hollywood producers and resonate with viewing audiences.  Then excitement builds at last…

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People are SO excited!

Dear Friends, I’ve told you a little bit about (Virtually) Everything Story in the last little while – and the response has been INCREDIBLE! Thank you to everyone who has written to me sharing how much value they have received listening to my interview. If you missed my interview, you can access it here. I’m…

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Screenwriting Resources

Don’t Summarize!

Below is a great article written by Michael Hauge. Don’t Summarize! A common weakness among all storytellers – screenwriters and novelists as well as marketers and presenters – is the tendency to summarize. When you write or tell a story, you are creating a movie in the mind of your readers or audiences. As they…

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