Screenwriting Book Author Eric Edson

How To Cure Writer’s Block

Dear Friends, Last year, I had the honor of speaking at STORY EXPO 2013, one of the best screenwriting events of the year in Los Angeles, CA. It was a pleasure to make so many new connections and new friends.  I presented four seminars on two topics; “Cracking Screen Story Structure” and “14 Character Categories…

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Screenplay Consultants To Learn From

“Aspiring authors should seek screenwriting tips from screenplay consultants…” In this first of a two-part article, Eric Edson puts the spotlight on three top feature screenplay consultants.  In part two, Eric will also point out the strengths of three television and TV spec script consultants.  Each blog reviews unique factors that scriptwriters trying to launch…

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Let Freedom Ring!

Growing up, the holiday I remember most vividly was the 4th of July.  It meant family, food and a wonderful spectacle of the colors of fire in the night sky. It was a time to celebrate togetherness and it was for me, the experience of deep joy in the freedom of imagination. Over two hundred…

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