Erica Byrne

Demystifies storytelling and lays out a clear path to a Hollywood sale.

Jessica Davis Stein

Like discovering a new continent. May well be the best cure for writer’s block ever written.

Tom Rickman

Remarkable. Strikes off into new territory.

Michael Wiese

A brilliant presentation…tremendously valuable to writers everywhere.

Michael Peretzian

Laser sharp insight. I could not imagine a more thoughtful and thorough analysis of screenwriting.

Feature Films

The Rosetta stone for translating story ideas into powerful screenplays.

Michael Hauge

Brilliant. Invaluable for writers and filmmakers. This book will change the way screenwriting is taught.

Robert Cartland

The insight regarding character, dialog and story foundation are elegantly presented and the 23 actions provide a wonderfully clear blueprint for storytelling. I particularly liked the discussion of Fresh News. Many books and websites tell you that each scene must compel the reader (or viewer) to the next. This book provides a clear explanation on how to achieve this essential objective. In his seminars, Eric suggests writers should play with words the way a sculptor plays with clay. The Story Solution provides the wire mesh on which to support the clay.