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People are SO excited!

Dear Friends,

I’ve told you a little bit about (Virtually) Everything Story in the last little while – and the response has been INCREDIBLE!

Thank you to everyone who has written to me sharing how much value they have received listening to my interview.

If you missed my interview, you can access it here.

I’m personally SO excited about the opportunity here, and of course all of the other presentations that are going to be happening in just a few days! I thought you might like to get a peek at the full list – so I’ve got the schedule here for you.  These are the absolute TOP names in the industry sharing CUTTING EDGE information, which is going to put you 5 to 10 years ahead of your competition. This is what storytelling is going to look like in the future, and I don’t intend to miss out on ANY of it.

If you want to jump the line and get your ticket, click here and register:
“Yes, I want to register for (Virtually) Everything Story!”

Wednesday, June 15th
John Truby ~ Novels: The Number One Screenwriting Strategy Today: Why Being a Novelist is Your Ticket to Hollywood Success
Michael Hauge ~ Crafting Transformative Characters: Taking Your Characters From Identity to Essence
Sara-Jayne Slack ~ Cut the BS! – Busting Traditional Publishing Myths,
and Navigating the Industry

Thursday, June 16th
Jeff Goins ~ How to Use Blogging as a Creative Writer and Storyteller
Lee Jessup ~ Why Having an Agent Won’t Save You
Audra Casino ~ Storytelling Through Audio

Friday, June 17th
Jen Grisanti ~ Writing A TV Pilot That Sells: Setting Up The Structure
Katie Karlovitz ~ Talking to Ego: How to Present Well and Look Confident
When Talking to People Who Outrank You
Carole Kirschner ~ The Unwritten Rules of Hollywood: What They Don’t Teach You in Film School

Saturday, June 18th
Sarah Carbiener and Erica Rosbe ~ You Never Stop Breaking In:
Writing for TV in a Digital World
Marx Pyle and Kathie Fong Yoneda ~ Workshop:  Developing and Getting Your Web Series Off the Ground
Eric Edson ~ How to Write Plots Like a Hollywood Pro: For Screenwriters, Novelists, and All Storytellers

Sunday, June 19th
Pamela Jaye Smith ~ Creating Our Next Mythologies
James Napoli and Mindi White ~ The Story Dragons: A Meet-The-Reader Panel in which Seasoned Industry Story Analysts will Breathe Fire on Your Premise and Slay Your Narrative Dragons

Monday, June 20th
Sam Landstrom ~ Making Reading Addictive Via Interactive Fiction
Allison Moon ~ Transforming Your Story Into Income

Tuesday, June 21st
Kristan Higgins ~ Missed Opportunities: Making Sure You’ve Ticked Every Box to Create a Multilayered Story
Megan Dougherty & Elija Renard ~ Funding Options for Stories with a Greater Purpose
Matt Group ~ Game Writing:  How to Tell Stories Through Technology and Games

Wednesday, June 22nd
Lisa Bloom ~ Get out of the Attic: Storytelling to Attract Massive Interest, Book Gigs & Close Deals
John Bucher and Jeremy Casper ~ Creating Cross-Platform Characters: From Feature Films to Webisodes; From Video Games to Television

Thursday, June 23rd
Sarah MacLean ~ Mastering the Art of Great Conflict
Joan Stewart ~ How to Use Email to Attract Fans, Create SuperFans, Tell a Story, & Sell
Michael Jorgensen ~ Power Narrative: the Secrets of Documentary Storytelling

Friday, June 24th
Dan O’Shannon ~ What Not to do in a Writers’ Room
Save The Cat Peeps ~   Genre and Beats
Chris Vogler ~ E-Motion Pictures: How to Channel the Power of Emotions in the Body
If you’re as excited about this as I am, go ahead and register before the doors close:

“Yes, I’m ready to put myself 5 years ahead of the competition!”

There are TONS of bonuses available for attendees, and I’ll let you know about them in the next couple of days!

About The Story Solution: 
 The Story Solution, by screenwriter and tenured university professor Eric Edson, is an in-depth handbook for authors who are writing a movie script. It reveals the 23 actions screenplay writers should use to create dynamic, three dimensional heroes.

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  1. This is truly an amazing line-up. Aside from the different screenwriting resources, it is also essential for any aspiring screenplay writer to attend events such as this. It’s not only an important learning experience, it’s also a great opportunity to meet legends in writing screenplays.

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