Screenwriting Event

Cracking Screen Story Structure – Hear Eric Edson Speak

Event Date: Saturday, February 16, 2013 || Speaker: Professor Eric Edson || Check-in: 12:30 pm || Accomplished screenwriter and university professor Eric Edson offers a completely new approach to writing powerful scripts that will keep agents and audiences glued to their seats.  He will demonstrate the 23 interlocking actions used in every successful movie to create dynamic, three-dimensional heroes, and captivating,…

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How We Feel A Story by Eric Edson

Article written for the book NOW WRITE! Speculative Genres  Writers create fiction so they can touch peoples’ hearts. Okay, blurting it out this way does sound a bit cornball.  But compressed to its essence, human truth often comes out sounding sentimental.  Doesn’t mean it isn’t true.  We don’t write just to preach high-toned themes about…

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